How Do You Make, Receive & Track Payments Within Your Circle Of Friends & Associates?

Levylinks offers an organised way of planning, contributing, receiving and making payments for social activities such as group travel, asoebi, bridal showers, Suprise parties and lots more.

Here's the Gist...

Bank Account or Naaah? Spend directly from your Levylinks Wallet
With a simple payment link, levylinks allows you to request, receive and track payments for all social activities such as group travel, asoebi, surpise parties from lots of people at the same time. You can also view and receive payment updates without multiple confusing bank alerts.

Bored? No Probs Fam!!!
Receive real time notifications of upcoming events and "jump" on the payment link to attend.

A Quick Cost Estimate for Your Event

Arithmetic makes us nervous, so we have included the estimate calculator incase you share our sentiment.

Get Started

Event Amount
₦{{event_cost | number}}
No of Invitees
{{invitees_no}} participants
Payment Installment Plan
{{installment}} months

The event cost is

₦{{(event_cost/invitees_no)/installment | number:0}} /participant

Kindly fill every information to proceed to the next step

Create your Event

Select your invitees

*you can enter more than one email address on separate lines*


Event Name: {{event_name}}

Event Cost: ₦{{(event_cost/invitees_no)/installment | number:0}} /participant

How it works

create event

Create Event

Create your choice eventĀ and generate your link which also contains the payment details.

share payment link

Share Payment Link

Share the link with your friends and associates.

make event happen

Make Your Event Happen

Make your event happen as soon as they receive and accept the payment link. You even can spend directly from your group wallet at different merchant locations.

How it works